Board Certified & State Licensed Massage Therapist & Athletic Trainer / Centennial Olympic Games Atlanta 1996

"Sports Therapy and More...”


I am Board Certified and State Licensed both as a Massage Therapist and as an Athletic Trainer.


As a Massage Therapist, I specialize in Therapeutic Massage, Medical Massage, and Sports Massage. I have Advanced Training in Trigger Point Therapy for those with chronic pain.


As an Athletic Trainer, I offer orthopedic screening, athletic injury evaluation, athletic taping, stretching, bodywork, and sports consultation.


I have years of experience working with athletes at the high school level, NCAA Division I and II, and International, Olympic and World Games.


With my background in massage therapy and expertise in sports medicine, I offer the best overall work in the area, especially for athletes and physically active people. I have worked with athletes in all sports, CrossFit, recreational athletes, powerlifters, bodybuilders, performing arts, dancers, musical theatre and actors. Whatever your concern we will do our best to help you to return in better shape. 


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